Tuesday, April 29, 2008

traffic spike

evidence of sudden traffic spike when we first posted paks' pics.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

beach hunk (re-loaded)

somebody sent this stolen shot (left) and requested anonymity. peke kuno an kaupod naton san weekend (right). amo kuno ini an talagang tunay na lawas niya niyan.

Monday, April 14, 2008

hunk on the beach

due to persistent public demand..

sin-o baga ini? likod pa lang..

si ... (insert your favorite look-alike here).

b94 outing stop-overs

mga stop-over going to batangas.

citibank alabang [L-R: moloy, paking, aldin, wends, marco's son mica, marco]

an mga wara kahilig-hilig sa posing, pati sa seattle's best slex.

monterey sm lipa. love your own.

b94 in batangas

Manila-based b94 (some with their family) took a time off from the busy metro to spend the weekend together in batangas.

traffic en route to rosario

at laiya white cove resort [L-R: raymond, janjan, marco, roy, ronald, aldin wendell and moloy]

an mga kumander
[L-R: lisa (wends), pie (roy), ronald, bong, and venus (marco) ]

Ebio family: marco, venus and mika

More batangas pics at our >>Multiply<< site.